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Fashion Tips to Flatter Your Figure!

Dressing in terms of fashion and design can be a bit tricky especially when you have no idea about the body type you have. Well there are certain questions that one should consider and that is, “what is your body type and which dress suits it?” most people especially women have found dressing to be a tedious task. Guess what! It all starts with understanding your body type.

Knowing your body type.
If you are curvy with a tiny waist then you are an hour glass. With this body type your goal is to highlight your curves and not to hide them. Hence you ought to emphasize your waist. Try a pencil skirt which will eventually accentuate your thighs and smoothen your thighs. When it comes to dresses you ought to choose a wrap dress where by the V-neck will flatter your body shape and the wrap detail will bring out your curves! read more