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Looking Great in the Office Doesn’t Have to be Hard Work!

So you women are busy in the morning trying to get dressed and are wondering what to wear that will look good, be comfortable, and look fashionable, not as if you are always wearing the same thing. That is very understandable. Yes, office fashion is most definitely something that women must indeed give attention to, in relation to what is appropriate, what suits their work environment, what is not appropriate and what fits in their budget.

Each woman’s style will be somewhat different from the other woman since we are all unique and have different tastes, but there are some basic pieces that a woman should have in her wardrobe that will help her to get ready in the morning rather quickly.

A good white blouse, whether short sleeve or long sleeve, that does not have a neckline that plunges too low and that is not too sheer will go with a lot of good items. This blouse can be worn with a pair of dark or light trousers, with or without a cardigan, with or without a blazer, and even with a nice dark or light skirt. The blouse can have lace trim or be more utilitarian, but it will give you great mileage to make your other pieces go further too.

A woman should have some nice scarves. They can be nicely patterned ones if the blouse or sweater is plain. They should be more toned down and solid neutrals either in dark colors or in light colors if the blouse or sweater is patterned. Scarves make a lovely, sophisticated but not too over the top kind of statement when worn with a blouse and blazer together, with the bottom either being a pair of pants or a nice skirt.

Navy, black, grey, taupe and white are all considered to be neutrals and make a decent selection to choose from when you haveblazers, blouses,vests,cardigans,pants, skirts and even a few dresses in these colors. They really mix and match well. For example, you could pair a navy blazer with a white blouse and a taupe skirt. A really trendy office look that is fashionable and professional is to wear a blazer and a bottom both in taupe, the bottom either being a pair of pants or a skirt and then to pair these items with a navy blouse. It is a strong and good statementin relation to office attire that is acceptable. Add a nice solid white flowing, gauzy scarf to add a touch of femininity to the outfit that will surely make you look very pretty.

Of course, you can have pattern in your clothes too, such as in your blouse or scarf. You can add pizzazz with wearing yellow chunky jewellery, or red. Red shoes make a nice match for all the neutrals.A good handbag in essential. A good black one that is stylish will go with pretty much any outfit you select.

Also, be sure not to wear skirts or dresses that are too high or blouses that are too low, since this does not present you as a professional person. Do your best to blend in with what is acceptable at your work place in relation to office attire. You, your boss and coworkers will be glad you did and will respect you for it.