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Looking Great in the Office Doesn’t Have to be Hard Work!

So you women are busy in the morning trying to get dressed and are wondering what to wear that will look good, be comfortable, and look fashionable, not as if you are always wearing the same thing. That is very understandable. Yes, office fashion is most definitely something that women must indeed give attention to, in relation to what is appropriate, what suits their work environment, what is not appropriate and what fits in their budget.

Each woman’s style will be somewhat different from the other woman since we are all unique and have different tastes, but there are some basic pieces that a woman should have in her wardrobe that will help her to get ready in the morning rather quickly. read more

Look amazing this winter

Accessorize for Winter, Look Great & Stay Warm!

With temperatures steadily dropping, now is the time to start giving thought to purchasing new clothing items for winter. Trying to stay warm while still looking great needn’t be difficult. With a few key accessories, you can keep yourself toasty warm while enjoying the beautiful snowy weather and still look your best. The key is all in how you accessorize.

Every great winter outfit starts with the coat. This year, fashion is favouring a number of classic styles and even some vintage cuts, such as the slouchy wool coats reminiscent of coats from decades past. With their simple lines and solid colours, these coats lend themselves well to being paired with a wide range of accessories that instantly let you personalize your appearance and make the coat your own. A slouchyinfinity scarf or chunky handspun scarf both look great with these types of coats. You can easily switch out your scarf for another or for a dressy or more casual look. read more

accessorize your fashion

Accessorise Your Outfit and Tie Your Look Together!

Putting an outfit together is a great way to express your personality and add fun details to a casual or classic look. Here are a few ideas to try over the next season.
A fantastic opportunity to find interesting and unique items that no one else has is at a cool vintage shop. A fabulous scarf can really add some flair to a simple look such as the white button down with a comfortable pair of jeans. Another way to add a long and colourful scarf to a denim look is to fold and weave it through the belt loops for a nice ethnic combination. read more


Fashion Tips to Flatter Your Figure!

Dressing in terms of fashion and design can be a bit tricky especially when you have no idea about the body type you have. Well there are certain questions that one should consider and that is, “what is your body type and which dress suits it?” most people especially women have found dressing to be a tedious task. Guess what! It all starts with understanding your body type.

Knowing your body type.
If you are curvy with a tiny waist then you are an hour glass. With this body type your goal is to highlight your curves and not to hide them. Hence you ought to emphasize your waist. Try a pencil skirt which will eventually accentuate your thighs and smoothen your thighs. When it comes to dresses you ought to choose a wrap dress where by the V-neck will flatter your body shape and the wrap detail will bring out your curves! read more