accessorize your fashion

Accessorise Your Outfit and Tie Your Look Together!

Putting an outfit together is a great way to express your personality and add fun details to a casual or classic look. Here are a few ideas to try over the next season.
A fantastic opportunity to find interesting and unique items that no one else has is at a cool vintage shop. A fabulous scarf can really add some flair to a simple look such as the white button down with a comfortable pair of jeans. Another way to add a long and colourful scarf to a denim look is to fold and weave it through the belt loops for a nice ethnic combination.

Clutch bags are in, and often come in different shapes and materials that can bring a neat fashion statement to your modern chic style. Big jewellery is a fabulous idea and used sparingly will catch attention of others, especially a single thick silver band or a chunky colourful bangle. Necklaces can pull an exotic look together as well with nicely shaped pendants that are a little longer than the average 22 inch chain.

Ideally, you don’t want to overdo a look. You shouldn’t try all of the ideas at one time, but rather one or maybe two. For the workplace especially, you will want to maintain a professional and serious tone for many office jobs that may not support individuality.

When you go out at night, let it all go and add some extra bangles and rings to show off your hands, or wear a flashy sequin top. Bold patterns and bright colours are a fabulous way to shine and a major trend that abounds. The fashions of the 70’s are still hot and so are silky materials as well as intricate details on jackets and tailored suits. Big and beautiful earrings finish off your statement and allow you to experiment with colours, shapes and metal tones.

The best accessories are a big smile and a positive and confident attitude. Feeling beautiful comes from within and comfort in your own skin is the most attractive this a woman can wear.