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Looking Great in the Office Doesn’t Have to be Hard Work!

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So you women are busy in the morning trying to get dressed and are wondering what to wear that will look good, be comfortable, and look fashionable, not as if you are always wearing the same thing. That is very understandable. Yes, office fashion is most definitely something that women must indeed give attention to, in relation to what is appropriate, what suits their work environment, what is not appropriate and what fits in their budget.

Each woman’s style will be somewhat different from the other woman since we are all unique and have different tastes, but there are some basic pieces that a woman should have in her wardrobe that will help her to get ready in the morning rather quickly.

A good white blouse, whether short sleeve or long sleeve, that does not have a neckline that plunges too low and that is not too sheer will go with a lot of good items. This blouse can be worn with a pair of dark or light trousers, with or without a cardigan, with or without a blazer, and even with a nice dark or light skirt. The blouse can have lace trim or be more utilitarian, but it will give you great mileage to make your other pieces go further too.

A woman should have some nice scarves. They can be nicely patterned ones if the blouse or sweater is plain. They should be more toned down and solid neutrals either in dark colors or in light colors if the blouse or sweater is patterned. Scarves make a lovely, sophisticated but not too over the top kind of statement when worn with a blouse and blazer together, with the bottom either being a pair of pants or a nice skirt.

Navy, black, grey, taupe and white are all considered to be neutrals and make a decent selection to choose from when you haveblazers, blouses,vests,cardigans,pants, skirts and even a few dresses in these colors. They really mix and match well. For example, you could pair a navy blazer with a white blouse and a taupe skirt. A really trendy office look that is fashionable and professional is to wear a blazer and a bottom both in taupe, the bottom either being a pair of pants or a skirt and then to pair these items with a navy blouse. It is a strong and good statementin relation to office attire that is acceptable. Add a nice solid white flowing, gauzy scarf to add a touch of femininity to the outfit that will surely make you look very pretty.

Of course, you can have pattern in your clothes too, such as in your blouse or scarf. You can add pizzazz with wearing yellow chunky jewellery, or red. Red shoes make a nice match for all the neutrals.A good handbag in essential. A good black one that is stylish will go with pretty much any outfit you select.

Also, be sure not to wear skirts or dresses that are too high or blouses that are too low, since this does not present you as a professional person. Do your best to blend in with what is acceptable at your work place in relation to office attire. You, your boss and coworkers will be glad you did and will respect you for it.

Look amazing this winter

Accessorize for Winter, Look Great & Stay Warm!

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With temperatures steadily dropping, now is the time to start giving thought to purchasing new clothing items for winter. Trying to stay warm while still looking great needn’t be difficult. With a few key accessories, you can keep yourself toasty warm while enjoying the beautiful snowy weather and still look your best. The key is all in how you accessorize.

Every great winter outfit starts with the coat. This year, fashion is favouring a number of classic styles and even some vintage cuts, such as the slouchy wool coats reminiscent of coats from decades past. With their simple lines and solid colours, these coats lend themselves well to being paired with a wide range of accessories that instantly let you personalize your appearance and make the coat your own. A slouchyinfinity scarf or chunky handspun scarf both look great with these types of coats. You can easily switch out your scarf for another or for a dressy or more casual look.

Women's coat

These classic coat styles, such as pea coats and wool blazers, are available in a wide variety of lengths that allow you to mix and match with your favourite pair of knee-grazing boots or ankle-high booties for a very chic and modern look. Adding a cozy pair of warm leggings under your favourite fall dress will give you a very current look when paired with a pair heeled boots and a trench coat styled jacket. Knee-high and even above the knee boots are wildly fashionable right now and getting a pair in a neutral colour, such as black or brown, will allow you to pair the boots with nearly any outfit or outer coat.

But what would winter accessorizing be without hats! Knit stocking caps are enjoying new interest, with fashionable styles sporting pompoms on the top. Chunky cable knits in solid colours are also popular and they can be paired with nearly any style of jacket for a look that is as warm as it is fashionable. Of course, winter always favours textured clothing, so if you plan on wearing a knit hat, it’s best to match it with a pair of knit gloves or mittens. Latest trends favour matching hats and gloves or mittens, while fingerless gloves continue to be a fallback favourite.

Feel amazing this winter with wonderful fashion tips

For a classic but eye catching look, pair a solid color coat in dark tones with a scarf, hat, and mittens in matching lighter tones, such as with a navy blue coat and creamy accessories. This look is attention getting for how well it goes together and due to the contrast, without being garish. It works great over any outfit, especially with darker coloured boots, pants, and leggings. Experiment with colours and textures for the look that is all your own.

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Accessories your Outfit and Tie your Look Together!

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Putting an outfit together is a great way to express your personality and add fun details to a casual or classic look. Here are a few ideas to try over the next season.
A fantastic opportunity to find interesting and unique items that no one else has is at a cool vintage shop. A fabulous scarf can really add some flair to a simple look such as the white button down with a comfortable pair of jeans. Another way to add a long and colorful scarf to a denim look is to fold and weave it through the belt loops for a nice ethnic combination.
Clutch bags are in, and often come in different shapes and materials that can bring a neat fashion statement to your modern chic style. Big jewellery is a fabulous idea and used sparingly will catch attention of others, especially a single thick silver band or a chunky colorful bangle. Necklaces can pull an exotic look together as well with nicely shaped pendants that are a little longer than the average 22 inch chain.
Ideally, you don’t want to overdo a look. You shouldn’t try all of the ideas at one time, but rather one or maybe two. For the workplace especially, you will want to maintain a professional and serious tone for many office jobs that may not support individuality.
When you go out at night, let it all go and add some extra bangles and rings to show off your hands, or wear a flashy sequin top. Bold patterns and bright colors are a fabulous way to shine and a major trend that abounds. The fashions of the 70’s are still hot and so are silky materials as well as intricate details on jackets and tailored suits. Big and beautiful earrings finish off your statement and allow you to experiment with colors, shapes and metal tones.

The best accessories are a big smile and a positive and confident attitude. Feeling beautiful comes from within and comfort in your own skin is the most attractive this a woman can wear.

Fashion Tips to Flatter your Figure!

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Dressing in terms of fashion and design can be a bit tricky especially when you have no idea about the body type you have. Well there are certain questions that one should consider and that is, “what is your body type and which dress suits it?” most people especially women have found dressing to be a tedious task. Guess what! It all starts with understanding your body type.

Knowing your body type.
If you are curvy with a tiny waist then you are an hour glass. With this body type your goal is to highlight your curves and not to hide them. Hence you ought to emphasize your waist. Try a pencil skirt which will eventually accentuate your thighs and smoothen your thighs. When it comes to dresses you ought to choose a wrap dress where by the V-neck will flatter your body shape and the wrap detail will bring out your curves!

You are a tall lady.
The first thing that one should accommodate in the mind is to embrace your height. Hence you will find the best outfit that suits you. In order to help balance your proportions you ought to wear skirts that are midi length and higher on your waist. In addition remember to try on everything. It might seem not to work but you never know. Our eyes tend to deceive just by looking at things but it would be best if you try it on. Don’t shy away from prints and patterns, at times you might feel that being tall tends to draw attention hence you avoid prints and patterns. What you actually need to do is to go for the best printed clothes and choose the best colours for you.

Tall with broad shoulders
If you are tall and broad shouldered you need to balance your body when choosing outfit. The clothes you choose should be specifically to balance both your top and bottom. These will not only keep you in shape but also enable you to look elegant.

What to wear if you are skinny!
If you are slender at times it might be hard to know which dress best suits you. Don’t stress yourself with too much thoughts but rather engage in peplum dresses which are going to accentuate your hips and shape. Bootleg trousers and jeans look amazing on skinny women too as they give the body additional shape and dimension. In a nut shell with the tips above you can easily get to your wardrobe and get the best outfit for yourself regardless of the body type you have.